Founded in 1971 by Dr. Naoyoshi Kanazawa, Osaka University of Economics and Law (OUEL) is nestled against the mountains in city Yao, Osaka. OUEL is a social science university consisting of Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Law. In 2012, `The Oval', OUEL's new campus completed. The Oval is located at the center of Yao city, a five minute walk from Kintetsu Yao station.

The founder foresaw a universal stage for Japanese higher education in the future and he also wished to eliminate elitism. Dr. Kanazawa also believed that economics and law were the twin pillars of society and believed that a student could build a praiseworthy character by mastering both economics and law. This is the reason why the university established two faculties at its opening.

The University is an independent institution for higher education, offering Master’s degree in Economics, and Bachelor's, degrees in Economics, Law and International Studies. Internationalization, Advance of information technology and Small-class sizes study these three keystones are the educational creed of OUEL.


Founded 1971
Enrollment Capacity & Enrollments As of May 1,2017
Campus The Oval 'Yao Campus'
Hanaoka Campus
Hannan Campus
Tokyo Azabudai Seminar House (Tokyo)
Faculty Economics, Law , International Studies
Institute Asian Research institute
Centre for Research on 21st Century Society(CR21)
Regional Research Institute,
Centre for Asia Pacific Partnership (Tokyo)
Employment or
Professional School
Career placement rate
<New graduates from bachelor's degree programme>
Employment rate in 2016 :97.8%

Employment status by faculty
  - Faculty of Economics:257 persons
  - Faculty of Law:179 persons
38 graduates moved to graduate school

<New graduates from master's degree programme>
Employment rate in 2016 :88.2%
Employment status: 15 persons
Exchange Agreements 63 universities / institutes in 25 countries and regions
Alumni approximately 42,000
Teaching Staff 91 (as of May 1,2017)
Faculty of Economics: 30
Faculty of Law: 17
Faculty of International Studies:17
Faculty of Liberal Arts: 27
Graduate School (Economics): 22

*3 Permanent Staffs at the research institions are excluded.

*21 staffs are teaching at undergraduate course as well.